Dr. Erik Wambsganz - Veterinarian

Dr. Erik Wambsganz was born and raised in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

He attended the University of Maryland at College Park, where he decided to combine his love of animals with his math/science brain into a career in veterinary medicine. He attended the St. Kitts Ross School of Veterinary Medicine graduating in 2010. He is especially interested in internal medicine, ultrasound, and surgery.

Dr. Wambsganz has always appreciated the special place that pets have in our lives. From a young age he developed a deep love of animals. He grew up with dogs, cats, cockatiels, and hermit crabs - all of whom he believed to be a part of his family. Since then, he has endeavored to keep animals happy and healthy to enrich their family's lives. Dr. Wambsganz also enjoys people; he was a tutor in high school, college, and veterinary school.

Seeking to foster a relationship of trust, Dr. Wambsganz is always straightforward and explores all options in solving our pet's problems. He sees each pet as a special individual with their own personality and strives to achieve positive and painless veterinary visits. He has a very calm, steady, and caring approach that sets pets and their human family at ease.

In his free time, Dr. Wambsganz enjoys hiking, cycling, ultimate Frisbee, board games, and is a movie buff. He is a Washington Football Team fan and has had a long love/hate relationship with them since he was a kid.