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Covid-19 Hospital Protocols

March 18, 2020
COVID-19 Hospital Update

Covid-19 Hospital Update (Revised 6 April 2020)

Please be aware that we are continuously monitoring the coronavirus pandemic in Virginia and will continue to revise our protocols as needed to protect our staff and community. Please be assured that our facility is thoroughly disinfected multiple times each day, and our staff has been instructed to follow strict protocols in order to minimize any potential risks to our clients. In return, we ask that you please read the following protocols carefully in order to help protect our team. While we cannot be certain of how long this virus will cause disruption, we are certain that we will all get through this together, as a community.

  • Curb-Side Service: PLEASE CALL FROM YOUR CAR TO CHECK-IN for your appointment. When the doctor is ready to examine your pet, a receptionist will call you to let you know to meet them at the door with your pet. Your pet will then be taken by the staff member to be examined by the doctor, while you wait in the comfort and isolation of your vehicle in order to promote social distancing and help us do our part to keep you and our staff safe and healthy by minimizing all unnecessary physical contact. The doctor will call you after completing your pet's exam to discuss exam findings and formulate a treatment plan. Please be aware that this call may be from an "unavailable" number. History Forms are available on our website in order to help decrease the transfer of pens and clipboards. If you do not have a printer, you are welcome to email it back to us:
  • **Patient Transfer** We are aware that it is very difficult to maintain a distance of 6 feet between clients and staff during patient transfer. Therefore, interaction with clinical personnel during drop-off and pick-up will be limited to 3 feet of distance and 30 seconds of contact time. Face-to-face interactions and communications will not be permitted. Please be aware that we do not want to seem unfriendly during these exchanges-but we feel this is very important to help keep YOU and our team healthy. If you have additional questions or concerns we are happy to answer over the phone or once we have been able to achieve a safe 6 feet of separation. Additionally, please be sure to meet the staff member at the door as instructed. This policy is in place to protect your pet and get them inside (and away from road traffic) as quickly as possible.
  • Walk-In Call Ahead Service: We are temporarily extending the benefit of call-ahead walk-ins to ALL current clients instead of just our 24-hour service members. Please call ahead to inform us of your pet's illness. You will then be given an estimated wait time so that you can wait at home and time your arrival close to when the doctor will be ready to see your pet. Please call from your car to check-in upon arrival.
  • Dentistry/ Surgery: Please call from your car upon arrival. One of our technicians will discuss the scheduled procedure with you and check your pet over the phone. In order to further enforce our low contact plan, please review and fill out the required paperwork ahead of time to reduce transfer or pens and clipboards. You can print these forms to bring with you or email them to
  • Emergencies: Our lobby will remain open for clients with a pet emergency. Please call ahead if possible so that our team can prepare for your arrival. Once your pet has been triaged, you may be asked to wait in your car until further communication is available from the doctor.
  • NOT FEELING WELL? Please answer the following CDC Self-Screening Guidelines:
    • Does anyone in the household have a fever, cough, respiratory symptoms, or shortness of breath?
    • Has anyone in the household been tested for COVID-19 or had contact with anyone who has been tested for COVID-19 or had respiratory symptoms in the past 14 days?
    • Has anyone in the household traveled to a high-risk area within the past 14 days? (high risk areas will depend on your specific location, check the CDC website for details)
      • If you answered "yes" to any of these questions: please utilize our telemedicine platform to consult with one of our doctors. If we determine your pet needs to be seen - we will ask that you assign a trusted friend or relative to bring your pet in for you. For more information please visit: This app can be downloaded via iTunes or Google Play.
  • Refills: If you need to pick up medications or prescription diet for your pet, please consider having these delivered to your home (via USPS; $3.25 postage fee), using our online pharmacy, or utilizing our food delivery service for prescription diet refills.

We appreciate your patience as we may experience staffing shortages and are adapting to this new workflow. Acredale Animal Hospital staff are dedicated to providing you and your companions the very best in care, and we will continue to fulfill that promise to you regardless of external events. While we cannot be certain of how long this virus will cause disruption, we are certain that we will all get through this together, as a community.

For FAQs for Pet Owners regarding COVID-19, please refer to: Veterinary Partner.

For Up-to-Date information regarding COVID-19 positive cases in dogs and cats, please refer to the American Veterinary Medical Association: or CDC's Guidance for Households with Pets.

Thank you for trusting us as your partner in your pets' healthcare.


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